Saturday, February 05, 2005

Addendum to Previous...

Addendum to Section 3 below of previous entry: After checking w/counsel, it has been determined that I had inadvertently left out a few modifiers (Ooops!) that of course should have been included. LOL, my bad everyone. The pertinent part of said paragraph should actually read as follows:

“…the express written purpose and intent of TAMC is to (dis)courage people (from) engag(ing) in real world “violent” activates (but) instead (to) whin(e) on the internet about how unfair the world is, or how those in power have slighted, jilted, or in anyway inconvenienced them. For example, you should read the paragraph above as (not)“giving you the go ahead” or “conspiring” with you in the murder of your boss.”

We here at The Clearinghouse would never want you to kill anyone. Ever. That includes your old girlfriend and/or her new hung like a horse boyfriend.


Blogger emily said...

You seem to have covered all the bases on that one.

11:51 PM  

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