Saturday, February 05, 2005

Recently, 1 second ago, it was called to my attention that several of my “readers” joined the fold here at The Clearinghouse (hereinafter to be known as “TAC” or “TAMC”) via a kind of collimated happenstance. It would seem that back in the salad days of the revolution, there was a site called “”, and that several people wandered through the front door here without the benefit of having wiped their feet on the proverbial “mat” of boilerplate located at the bottom center of this page. (previouswise having been referred to as “”) was a so called “rage portal” whereby “enraged” members of society could publicly vent their frustrations in lieu of, say, taking that meat cleaver you never use to your place of employment (you know, the one in the chopping block on your counter?), sneaking up from behind, and embedding it in your boss’s skull when he is bent over his laptop working on that excel spreadsheet that maps out the increases in productivity rung out of you vis-à-vis your stagnant salary. Well, I know a thing or 3 about the revolution… I was THERE man (but more on this later).

My point here is this: TAC is in no way affiliated with, organized by, or the intellectual or proprietary heir to or any of its parent S-corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, or respective Holding Companies. Further, the express written purpose and intent of TAMC is to encourage people to engage in real world “violent” activates instead of whining on the internet about how unfair the world is, or how those in power have slighted, jilted, or in anyway inconvenienced them. For example, you should read the paragraph above as “giving you the go ahead” or “conspiring” with you in the murder of your boss.

I am glad I had a chance to get that cleared up… I will have to think of something “fun” to write later...

P.S. I didn’t wind up going to that hot party last night; instead I stayed home and masturbated to anime. Kind of sucks though, cause I heard J.T.T. was there and looking H.O.T.T.


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