Wednesday, February 16, 2005

IKE meets Number 5

Hi. Yeah, not sure if this is the Gray Lady putting us on with a little preApril Fool's Onion-style joke article or not, but it seems that our military industrial complex, in its infinite wisdom, has decided it would be a grand idea to build murdering robots. I repeat, our GOVERNMENT/MILITARY ARE GOING TO BE BUILDING MURDERING ROBOTS.

Oh well, I guess our only hope now is that no superhuman cybernetic organism/naturalized citizen will succeed in capping its meteoric fascist rise to power in the halls of an unidentified Western state capital by altering The Constitution just in the nick of time thereby allowing it to avoid further "boobie grabbing" unpleasantness and mount a 100 yard last minute dash bid for the Presidency of the United...oh wait. Posted by Hello


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